Our Low Rate Mortgage Promise

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Although Floor Rate Mortgages has a unique way of doing business, the company holds firm to the same old fashioned ideals that it always has. Integrity is very important to them, and although they have a new name, they have been providing mortgages to borrowers for over twelve year with the same commitment in mind. To protect the consumer from paying unnecessarily high interest rates and unsavory business practices. This was their promise to clients when they started out, and even with their new concept and brand, this commitment to their client’s protection remains the same today.

The Following is the Promise Floor Rate gives to all their Clients:

You Won’t Get Any Lower

Something very powerful happens just by cutting out the middleman when trying to find the lowest mortgage rates Henderson has available. By delivering personalized service and eliminating all of the extra fees incurred when going through banking lenders, Floor Rate Mortgages is able to provide lower rates for clients who are looking for the Henderson home loans that will save them significant amounts of money. Often times the saving is up into the tens of thousands of dollars. By removing a costly third party step and effectively cutting out the middle man, borrowers don’t need to spend their hard earned money on paying fees they don’t have to.

Not stooping to some of the black hat, or unethical practices that are “business as usual” for other lenders, as well as some very questionable dealings of many real-estate agents, Floor Rate Mortgages are able to keep interests rates down  on every loan program they present to their clients.

Client is #1

Directly working with a single point of contact is not only more convenient, but it is also far less confusing to the client. When searching for the best home loans Las Vegas has to offer look no farther than Floor Rate Mortgages. Their person to person communication is invaluable in today’s complicated economy and by making their clients their number #1 priority throughout the entire home financing process, all of their clients can be assured they are receiving the best customer service available.

We Simply Don’t Do Hidden Fees

Nobody like hidden fees when looking for a Henderson mortgage company and neither does Floor Rate Mortgages. That is why they simply Don’t Do Hidden Fees!