Jumbo Loan Purchase: The Bigger Loan

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Jumbo Home loans for Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada.When you need a Big Loan

For the State of Nevada, the requirements to qualify for a Jumbo Loan Purchase are the following: Borrower must take out a loan for at least $417,000. This type of loan also requires borrowers to put down approximately 25% of the asking price of the home. This means borrowers usually must have a higher amount of income as well as plenty of assets to qualify.

If you Want to Go Big – Go to Floor Rate Mortgages

Las Vegas residents won’t find a friendlier or more welcoming Henderson mortgage company for all their refinancing and purchasing needs. They not only have a reputation for making it their number one priority to make sure their clients are satisfied but they also back it up with providing borrowers with the best customer service in town. The big home loans Las Vegas residents are looking for can be found just around the corner at Floor Rate Mortgages.


Why Seek a Jumbo Purchase Loan?

The answer to this question is simple. Everyone spots that perfect house they have long dream about buying, but could not bring themselves to even think about purchasing such a “Jumbo” loan. However, the place you come home to every day should be the one that makes you happy. This is where a reputable and experienced Henderson mortgage company comes in. They are quite savvy about larger loan purchases and will give borrowers the full scoop on what they can expect while taking out this kind of loan while providing expert guidance every step of the way.

A Heads –Up Worth its Weight in Gold

Enlisting the help of a Henderson mortgage company that will take the time to educate borrowers about each and every aspect of purchasing a Jumbo loan is what the specialists at Floor Rate Mortgages do best. They ensure that all of their clients are purchasing the loan that is right for them. They understand that home is definitely where the heart is!