Is a home path purchase right for you?

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Las Vegas home path purchase

The Home path purchase loan is available to Las Vegas locals looking to purchase a Fannie Mae bank owned property. It is one of the most flexible home loans Las Vegas offers and does not require a large down payment or mortgage insurance. It is perfect for the Nevada residents who want a safe and secure loan without many of the restrictions that come with taking out a more conventional loan.

Low Money Down

When deciding on a home path purchase loan as one of the home loans Las Vegas offers that you are comfortable with, it is important to find a lender who will get you the lowest mortgage Las Vegas has available. Floor Rate Mortgages understands that a home path purchase loan simply requires a down payment as low as 3%.

Other Benefits of a Homepath Purchase Loan

A knowledgeable Henderson mortgage company such as Floor Rate Mortgages will also make sure home buyers are educated about all of the requirements and options of a home path purchase loan. Some of the in-and-outs of a home path purchase loan are the following:

  • The Home path Purchase Loan does not require Mortgage Insurance.
  • There are also no appraisals required when you purchase a Fannie-Mae property.


Finding a Henderson mortgage company that will guide you safely through the home loan process!


Floor Rate Mortgages is the reputable lender and experienced Henderson mortgage company that will guide locals through the entire loan process. Borrowers can be sure they are getting one of the Henderson home loans that is perfect for them. There are many flexible options available when purchasing a Fannie-Mae property including the following:


  • Interested Party Contributions is a feature that is typically paid off  by the seller
  • Multiple Financed Properties is a feature afforded to a buyer who previously has up to ten financed properties.