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Not Satisfied With Your Existing FHA Mortgage?

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FHA refinancing streamline and las vegas home loans can save your home loan

WHY FHA STREAMLINE REFINANCING Works Not Satisfied With Your Existing FHA Mortgage?   Let Floor Rate Mortgages Streamline it for you! For Las Vegas homeowners, making the decision to refinance can be a confusing and frustrating process. However, with a little research they will find getting the lowest mortgage rates Henderson has to offer is possible… Read more »

Jumbo Loan Purchase: The Bigger Loan

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When you need a Big Loan For the State of Nevada, the requirements to qualify for a Jumbo Loan Purchase are the following: Borrower must take out a loan for at least $417,000. This type of loan also requires borrowers to put down approximately 25% of the asking price of the home. This means borrowers… Read more »

Our Low Rate Mortgage Promise

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Although Floor Rate Mortgages has a unique way of doing business, the company holds firm to the same old fashioned ideals that it always has. Integrity is very important to them, and although they have a new name, they have been providing mortgages to borrowers for over twelve year with the same commitment in mind…. Read more »

Why refinance your home in Las Vegas?

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Although there can many different reasons for Las Vegas residents to refinance their homes, usually there is one common goal in mind; saving money. Either to dip into your home’s equity to finance a new business project, pay bills, acquire some extra cash on hand or to wisely find the lowest mortgage rates las vegas… Read more »

Is a home path purchase right for you?

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The Home path purchase loan is available to Las Vegas locals looking to purchase a Fannie Mae bank owned property. It is one of the most flexible home loans Las Vegas offers and does not require a large down payment or mortgage insurance. It is perfect for the Nevada residents who want a safe and… Read more »

Are Reverse Mortgages a Good Idea?

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There has been much speculation about whether reverse mortgages are risky. They have often been touted as one of the most useful ways to protect your home investment. On the other hand there are many debunkers out there claiming that reverse mortgages are just simply not a good idea. Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for… Read more »

Henderson Home Loans with FHA Standard Refinancing

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The reason the FHA standard loan is the smartest choice in comparison with most other Henderson home loans is because FHA standard refinancing is a secure home loan that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration. By having a loan insure by a U.S. government agency that operates within the Department of Housing and Urban… Read more »

How Your Credit Score Effects Your Home Loan

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The short answer to this question is – of course they are. The number one factor in calculating what your mortgage rate will be, let’s say it all together, IS YOUR CREDIT SCORE! However, those of us living in Nevada with a poor credit score should not fret too much. Not all is lost. There… Read more »

Low Rate Mortgages for Las Vegas Veterans

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Low Rate Mortgages for Veterans

Floor Rate Mortgages has nothing but respect for the brave men and women who have served our country in the past, as well as those who are currently serving in our military. Floor Rate Mortgages is a henderson mortgage company that is a certified VA lender. They are experienced, compassionate and understanding of many of… Read more »