Floor Rate Mortgages, LLC is a new name and a new way of doing business. Although the concept and brand are very new, the owner and staff have been established and doing business in Nevada and California for over 12 years. We created this new way of doing business in an effort to protect the consumer from the unethical business practices of other lenders and real estate agents. Very simply stated, we will provide the lowest possible interest rate on every loan program, every time.

Our Team

Kris DiMartino Floor Rate Mortgage President

Kris Martino


Kris has been helping homeowners obtain low-rate financing in Nevada and California for over 12 years. Focused on building a new brand providing access to the lowest rates in the country and putting customers’ needs first, Kris’ favorite part of having a Mortgage company is the ability to interact directly with his customers because it allows him to build many strong and lasting friendships. Also, celebrating the purchase of a new home is a lot of fun! When Kris isn’t working on helping families finance their new home, he enjoys spending time with his own family and out on the golf course.

Client Reviews

  • I met Kris purely out of coincidence in searching for a mortgage broker. I was in need of a mortgage refinance on my current residence and after interviewing with Kris, I determined he was knowledgeable and capable of assisting me with my objective. I have owned six homes in the Las Vegas valley and utilized the assistance of mortgage brokers in each of my purchases. All of the six transactions concluded successfully, but I did not feel I was more than a name on a file folder for each of the brokers and I never used the same one twice. Without previous indication to either Kris or me, the mortgage refinance on my current residence turned out to be the most challenging application process I have ever experienced. It seemed each turn in the process produced an even greater pitfall and obstacle that the previous turn. The issues became a product of my circumstances and not the result of financial institution choice. Throughout it all, Kris maintained his professionalism and demonstrated a commitment and personal tenacity I had never in my past experiences encountered. From my point of observation, Kris appears to be a successful and active broker. During the extended process he shared with me it would have been reasonable and profitable for him to have determined his time could be more productively spent on the other clients in his portfolio. Instead, I received the courtesy of almost daily contact with Kris. Each contact consisted of meaningful dialog, progress reporting, problem management, requests for information and encouraging support. I saw him as an active advocate on my behalf and one who was as involved in the process as he would have been his own personal application. Kris was creative, knew the “ins and outs” of the process, used personal networks to overcome obstacles and anticipated potential additional issues which could have complicated the application process to a greater degree. In my opinion, Kris has no peers as a Mortgage Broker. He stands head and shoulders above anyone I have previously engaged. I would eagerly use his professional services again; if the need should arise, and full heartedly recommend him to anyone. I can be reached as indicated above in the letterhead and would gladly share my experience with Kris to any reader of this letter if they should so desire. In the meantime, my wife and I sincerely give to Kris our best wishes as he proceeds in his career of producing contented and fulfilled clientele.

    Terry and Arlene

  • I am a real estate investor in Seattle, Washington and own numerous single family homes, apartment, and office buildings.

    On my last acquisition in Henderson, Nevada; Kristopher Martino placed financing for me under very difficult conditions. Without his knowledge, persistence and professionalism I would not have been able to close my transaction.

    I highly recommend Kris for your mortgage needs.

    B. Flora

  • Watchtower's Kristopher Martino recently processed a refinance of our home. Rarely will you ever find a more honest, knowledgeable and dedicated individual. I very highly recommend his mortgage services.

    George B.